How it Works

TruCon REM is revolutionizing the construction industry by easily connecting contractors and owner-operators. With TruCon REM, keep your projects moving and trucks working while reducing downtime and time spent looking for trucks. Whether you’re a contractor or an owner-operator, TruCon REM transforms construction logistics with more trucks on-site, more work in your calendar and more revenue for your business.

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Truck Solutions with Freedom Built In

No matter where the work takes you, TruCon REM keeps you connected.  Our one-of-a-kind website platform lets you easily search for projects and book your construction and agricultural trucks anywhere, anytime.  With TruCon REM, there’s NO MORE PHONE TAG.  Post your trucks from any smartphone, tablet or computer and help contractors find you! 

Choose the Work You Want, When You Want

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    Quickly Find, Book and Schedule Jobs

    Accept and schedule work days or even weeks in advance and keep your trucks moving.

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    Get Real-Time Job Information

    View your work details, including start times, pick-up locations, rates, changes and much more.

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    No subscription fees and no obligation

    The platform is currently FREE for owner-operators to post their trucks.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

Step #1: Create an Account

Simply create an account as an owner-operator or both owner-operator and contractor and start posting your trucks so contractors can find you.

Step #2: Add, Manage and Modify Trucks

Add a Truck

Enter your truck details, availability and specifications.

Manage Your Truck or Fleet

Manage and filter your trucks by availability.

Modify Your Truck or Fleet

Change truck availability, status, details and more.

Find a Job

Step #3: Get Hired

Our website technology quickly matches contractors public and private projects to the construction and agricultural trucks they need.  The simple 3-step process also allows owner-operators to search for work based on specifications, including project locations, rates, availability and much more. 

Type of Trucks offered 

Gravel Hopper 3 Axle

Gravel Hopper 4 Axle

Gravel Hopper 5 Axle

Hydrovac Truck

Live Bottom 3 Axle

Live Bottom 4 Axle

Live Bottom 5 Axle

Single Axle

Stone Slinger

Street Sweeper

Tandem Axle

Tri Axle Dump Truck

Water Truck

Truck and Trailer

Dump Trailer 3 Axle

Dump Trailer 4 Axle

Dump Trailer 5 Axle

Dump Trailer 6 Axle

Tandem Truck and Pup

Tri Axle Truck and Pup

2 Axle Grain Hopper Trailer

3 Axle Grain Dump Trailer

3 Axle Grain Hopper Trailer

4 Axle Grain Dump Trailer

4 Axle Grain Hopper Trailer

5 Axle Grain Dump Trailer

6 Axle Grain Dump Trailer

A Train Hopper Trailer

B Train Hopper Trailer


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$ 199
99 Month
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